Chyk - microframework to build universal SPAs on TypeScript, React.

2020 is coming and more SPAs will be written than ever. After all frontend fun we still have questions in frontend-opsy topics. How about these features:

  • SSR support and passing SSR data to the browser for immediate hydration
  • preload all route data before rendering, including promise.all for route matches
  • code splitting via async components (lazy load)
  • 404 and other status pages
  • aborting data load if we’re switching route
  • dependency injection in components and in data loaders

Working on these questions sometimes leads to a library. So here’s Chyk - microframework to build universal SPAs with React.

The library is written in TypeScript and aiming to help with features described above. Chyk is based on react-router-config approach for routes config. It allows to statically analyze config, preload all needed data and inject it to the route components.

Check screencast and examples.


Ping us and we will use our IDEs to implement your IDEAS!

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